Report: 2 million tons of CO2 emissions from Israel’s demolitions of buildings in Gaza

AMMAN, Thursday, July 4, 2024 (WAFA) – The ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza has resulted in significant environmental devastation, including 2 million tons of CO2 emissions, according to a report by the Environmental Quality Authority.

Director of Inspection and Control at the authority, Bahjat Jabarin, presented a report of the severe environmental impacts caused by the demolition of buildings and the use of munitions.

The report, discussed during a dialogue session organized by the Association for Energy, Water, and Environment in Jordan, revealed that carbon dioxide emissions from the destruction exceeded 2 million tons, along with approximately 60 million metric tons of carbon equivalents. This staggering amount underscores the ecological toll of the conflict since its onset until last April.

Jabarin highlighted that over 60% of energy production units across homes, schools, hospitals, and industrial facilities—totaling 12,400 units—were completely destroyed. Additionally, nine water treatment plants processing 120,000 cubic meters of water suffered either partial or total destruction.

Moreover, the Israeli war has profoundly affected biodiversity, eradicating or endangering species in Gaza. The region is home to 150-200 bird species, around 20 mammal species, and 20 rare and endangered reptile species.

According to the report, the accumulation of over 270,000 tons of household and industrial solid waste in alleys, streets, refugee camps, beaches, seas, and transfer stations remains uncollected, untreated, or relocated due to the destruction of transfer stations, while sanitary landfills are no longer operational.

Jabarin further noted that coastal areas are witnessing the accumulation of household waste on beaches, alongside pollution of the sea with tens of thousands of tons of wastewater and weapons.

He pointed out that groundwater pollution has surged by more than 97%, with around 40 water wells completely destroyed, and 5,000 linear meters of drainage channels and gutters have been excavated.

Commenting on the water crisis, Dureid Mahasneh, Chairman of the Board of the Association for Energy, Water, and Environment, emphasized that all water sources have been contaminated due to the war, requiring years to resolve these environmental challenges.



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