Signing an agreement to recycle poultry slaughterhouse waste in “Zahret Al-Finjan”

Al-Bireh – sponsored and attended by the Minister of Local Government Eng. Magdy Al-Saleh, and the presence of the head of the Environmental Quality Authority, Dr. Nisreen Al-Tamimi, Chairman of the Joint Services Council for Solid Waste Management – Zahrat Al-Finjan Landfill Ahmed Al-Ardah, signed with the General Manager of the Palestine Slaughterhouse Waste Treatment Company Jamal Shawahneh, a joint agreement for the recycling of poultry slaughterhouse waste in “Zahrat Al-Finjan”. This came during the meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Local Government in the city of Al-Bireh today, Tuesday, in the presence of the Director General of Development and Investment, Mohieldin Al-Ardah, and staff from the ministry, the Environmental Quality Authority, the Services Council and the company.

Dr. confirmed. Al-Tamimi stressed the importance of such agreements, whose implementation on the ground would contribute to the development of practical solutions in order to maintain a clean environment through the safe disposal of waste.

In turn, Al-Saleh blessed the signing of this agreement, which comes in line with the directions of the Ministry and its endeavors to find practical solutions to overcome challenges related to the waste sector in general and turn them into opportunities. The Ministry encourages the joint service councils to conclude such agreements.

The agreement includes mutual cooperation between the Council and the company regarding the disposal of poultry slaughterhouse waste, with all that it includes, in order to be treated using scientific, modern and safe methods for the environment and humans, and to reduce the odors emitted from these wastes, and later the production of animal protein.

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