The EQA implements environmental awareness activities on the occasion of World Earth Day 2022 in Bethlehem

Bethlehem – The Environmental Quality Authority, through the General Administration for Environmental Awareness in the Bethlehem Governorate, has implemented a number of environmental activities on the occasion of World Earth Day, which falls on the twenty-second of April of each year, under the slogan “Invest in our planet,” and in conjunction with the two occasions of World Heritage Day. 2022 under the slogan “Heritage and Climate”, and the Nineteenth Bird Week.

These events come to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the environment and protecting it from the increasing challenges, especially climatic and all forms of environmental pollution that destroy the ecosystem, and calling for the application of sustainable practices and positive behaviors that work to sustain it for us and for future generations.

The events included environmental and awareness activities such as interactive lectures, competitions and environmental games aimed at introducing the danger of excessive use of single-use plastics and increasing the production of plastic waste on health and the environment, threatening the survival of life in all its forms on our planet, in addition to activities that encourage reducing waste production and promoting positive environmental behaviors. Such as reusing and recycling solid waste, especially plastic, as well as organic and converting it into compost, which takes a little time and effort, but makes a big difference to the environment.

In the same context, exploratory environmental educational visits were organized to the Environmental Education Center in Beit Jala with the support and cooperation of the Center, with the aim of developing the knowledge of the target students and teachers about the components of the natural environment and motivating them to appreciate its importance and how to work on protecting and sustaining it.

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