Dr. Nisreen Tamimi

The Head of the Environmental Quality Authority

The environmental institution, in its first form, “the Palestinian Environmental Authority” was established in 1996 by a presidential decree, as an administratively and financially independent authority concerned with environmental affairs in all its aspects and leading the process of organizing work in the environmental field for its protection and maintenance. In 1998, the Ministry of Environmental Affairs was established, and the Palestinian Environmental Authority was merged into it, so that its official name in 2002 was “Environmental Quality Authority.”


A new climate-smart project that provides technology

Al-Bireh- The Environment Quality Authority and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) today signed an agreement to implement a project aimed at promoting climate-resilient agricultural practices in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The project agreement was signed by the Environmental Quality Authority, its head, Dr. Nasreen Al-Tamimi and the FAO...

Signing an agreement to recycle poultry slaughterhouse waste in “Zahret Al-Finjan”

Al-Bireh - sponsored and attended by the Minister of Local Government Eng. Magdy Al-Saleh, and the presence of the head of the Environmental Quality Authority, Dr. Nisreen Al-Tamimi, Chairman of the Joint Services Council for Solid Waste Management - Zahrat Al-Finjan Landfill Ahmed Al-Ardah, signed with the General Manager of the Palestine Slaughterhouse Waste Treatment...